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Cape Town Cycle Tour – Fire on the Mountains

The biggest timed cycling road race, Cape Town Cycle Tour, will change its route on 8 March 2015…although the alternative route must sill be outlined, I cant see cyclists riding on the normal route around the mountain.

The cycling route that passes Muizenberg and Chappies…is heavily affected by raging fires.

These fires started on Saturday and there was hope today thay somehow it would come to an end with some rain forecasted…I dont think the rain made a huge difference.

This is the first time ever that this race will be affected by fires…approx 10 years ago the route was diverted and went over Ou Kaapse Weg because there were rock falls on Chapmans Peak.

This is somehow different…in the sense that, most of the route is affected on both sides of the mountain…so we wait for news on this new route…

There are 35000 cyclists taking part…people from all over the country and foreigners attend this race…all is affected in some way or other.

I know many people that train specifically for that special Sub 3…somehow a Sub 3 does not sound nice on a different course..somehow it does not count…its the original course that matters to get that magical Sub 3…or Sub4..

I know many people that train on the route every week, perfecting where they gonna attack, or perfecting where they should hold on to the faster guys, they know where the guys are gonna pick up the pace on this route and they have prepared for every scenario of not being dropped or to form a breakaway…this will not matter anymore, because we dont know the route.

As soon as we know the route, on the day it will count as to how we gonna break away or not get dropped….hell, we dont know if it will be 110km….might be shorter…

All I can say, this is exciting times..

As the fires rage on…there are many people helping out day and night to get this under control…there is so many volunteers assisting, they are true heroes..

Yesterday was the hottest day in Cape Towb in 100 years…40degrees…yet there were people out there trying to put the fire out.

Tokai is one of the sections thats heavily affected – I would asssume that most of the mountain biking paths in Tokai is destroyed…this will take a  long time to heal..

However more importantly…in Tokai…the vast vegetation has been destroyed and whats happening with the wildlife in that area…Tokai is known for its baboons, there are plenty baboons, what plans are there to keep them safe??

To the peeps helping out with the fires….take a bow!

To the peeps racing the Cape Town Cycle Tour…enjoy it!

Tokai Burning

Tokai Burning

Tokai Burning

Tokai Burning

Tokai Burning

Tokai Burning

Tokai Burning

Munier Kearns


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