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Endurance is key for cycling – take something to build it..Extreme Endurance


So i been in this boat many times when it comes to this time of the year with the big races on the calendar like One Tonner and Double Century etc…these races are 160km and endurance is key to succeed at these type of events.

Endurance is a word that often comes up amongst friends and the conversation always goes around that you must ride more, ride smart, increase your distance by 10% every week, ride long on weekends, do 4-6hr rides and 10-15hr rides per week etc…

The thing with riding long and training for these events, is that most of us have families but we have to ride long to build endurance..

My point to all this thinking….is there something else that could be done or taken that will help build endurance…

Now i know that as part of your cycling program, you can include runs/swims/weights etc to build endurance…but then again this is time that needs to be built in, and with family responsibility, adding more things to your cycling routine can be tough.

So, i thought what can be done on the nutrition side of things, meaning what can i eat that will boost my endurance…there is many veggies that can play a role in this department but what i did find is Extreme Endurance

This is for anyone…the elite racer..the time crunched cyclist that wants to increase endurance….the  weekend warrior…the argus cycle tour fanatic trying to go sub 3 every year..

So what this does is that it speeds recovery, improve aerobic performance, reduces muscle soreness and many more..

You been in the position on a long bike ride or cycling race, whereby you have hit the wall and you know you have trained very well for the event..but no matter how fast you peddle, the group just easily carries on cycling away from you and you have nothing left in the tank to hang on….but deep down you know you are faster than everyone in that group….

This is when lactic acid starts to build and you slow down very quickly…so again..try Extreme Endurance..this is created by athletes for athletes…

Many pros use this product…but the one that stood out for me is Timo Bracht, multiple Ironman Champ…check him out on using Extreme Endurance


Munier Kearns


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