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Resting and training

English: Berlin Marathon 2011. Exhausted runne...

English: Berlin Marathon 2011. Exhausted runner gets some refreshment. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Us athletes dont like to rest, if we rest we think we gonna get slow and our buddies is gonna beat us. We want to push our bodies every day to the max or at least do something everyday.

Today was my rest day by the way i did 5 hard days of training and tomorrow is another hard day.

For me theres different reasons of resting from the guys in the field and what i experience..some guys say im resting because i trained hard yesterday, some rest because they got a hard session tomorrow, some rest cause they got a race tomorrow..

In addition to this i experienced from these guys that rest also means different things…some guys say they gonna rest tomorrow but in the meantime what they actually mean is that they gonna ride or run easy for 30mins – 1hr…some say im gonna rest tomorrow and they do no training at all, some say they gonna rest then they ride for 3hrs..

For me, a rest day is where i do nothing, no running, no swimming, no cycling..

I rest because the body needs to recover from hard training days…but i know some guys do a easy session, then tomorrow is a rest day, the concept is just not understood.

So i have easy weeks after 3 weeks of hard work, and i always have about 2 rest days per week.

What ive noticed is that it builds the body stronger for the next workout and race…it prevents overtraining.

Some guys i know train so hard that they dont see any improvement or they see a little improvement in their performance on race day and they cant understand why you cut off so much minutes in a race…one of this has to do with quality rest and not hammering it every day.

In 2008, Ryan Hall finished 5th at the London Marathon, 14 weeks later he finished 10th at the Beijing olympic marathon, he couldnt understand his performance because he felt and knew that he could do so much better.

Afterwards he confessed that he didnt rest enough after the London marathon, he just went straight back into hard training, hence a poor performance.

After hard days, rest…how many days should you rest, Bill Rogers once said, rest until you forget about your previous race, i rest 2 days per week and not after each other…for races i rest 2 days prior to a big event..

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